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I’m Joey and this is my BLOG!

I’m a purebred Arab who’s ELEVEN this year (“ImPOSSible!” my human says–humans fret a lot about time, have you noticed that too?).  We horses don’t think much about time stuff like birthdays, but I always get great presents and people come from miles away to see me and make a big deal about it, so it gets pretty interesting and sometimes fun (and I love to have fun!) and something we can share.  There’s lots that humans and horses see differently, and I want to help my human see the two of us, and life, too, from my point of view.  After all, that’s why I’m here! 

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  1. Comment by Janelle James:

    Hi Joey,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your relationship with your human is absolute perfection. What a thrill it is to read about you and the person you love best in the entire world. Anyone who reads your beautiful story will surely be touched by an angel.

  2. Comment by Joey:

    Thanks for reading me! You sound like an excellent human, too!

  3. Comment by Roger Sampson:

    Joey, great blog. But are you going to be okay? No goodbye’s please.

  4. Comment by Joey:

    Thanks! So much, so much happening–in a spin, but better now. No more goodbyes, no. Don’t like goodbyes at all.

  5. Comment by Giggly Wiggly Dog Toys:

    Fantastic post, I’ve just got a border terrier dog to train.

  6. Comment by Clarity:

    Oh Joey, how wonderful to hear from you again, but such a scary time you had. I’m sure that you’re plenty sore, but how grateful you must be not to have serious wounds. I know that your human always thinks of your safety, but coyotes is coyotes and they’re slinky and scary too. What great horsesence to jump between the posts and not impale yourself! I always thought that barbed wire was the worst thing for horses, but now I’m adding coyotes and t-bars to my list. Maybe you need a “watch donkey” in there with you so no one can do sneaky moves when you’re least expecting it. I’ve heard your aunt say that she’d love to have a mini donkey. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Hope your armpit heals fast and you’re soon feeling strong again. But maybe give up fence-jumping for awhile. :)

  7. Comment by Joey:

    I met a mini donkey once! His name was Antonio. He asked me if I wanted to play (which seemed kinda dumb since I was on the other side of the fence and on a lead rope besides). He said nobody would play where he was. I’ll always play!

    As for saving my own life, I took care of myself like I needed to is all.

  8. Comment by Janelle:

    Joey, Thank God you came out OK after that scary coyote confrontation. You were very smart to jump between the bars, but I’m so sorry about your cut from the barbed wire. I am very,very afraid of coyotes too. I saw one once when I was walking my dog and will never go down that path again. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most frightening times in my life. We are all so happy that you are not seriously hurt–and the last time I saw you, your muscles weren’t sore anymore, because your human was riding you and she would never put that saddle on you if you were hurting. Stay safe, little Joey. We love you.

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